Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival: My First Fest


The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival is an annual gathering that happens every August. Its an incredible event and healing space. A female only temporary town! For more info visit http://www.michfest.com

I know this video is long. If you want to watch it in chapters of sorts here is my recommended timing:

Part 1 (00:00-05:23) – http://youtu.be/95pW4OTvxtI
Part 2 (05:24-10:52) – http://youtu.be/95pW4OTvxtI?t=5m24s
Part 3 (10:53-15:46) – http://youtu.be/95pW4OTvxtI?t=10m53s
Part 4 (15:47-19:15) – http://youtu.be/95pW4OTvxtI?t=15m47s
Part 5 (19:16-21:35) – http://youtu.be/95pW4OTvxtI?t=19m16s

(****Closed Captioning**** coming soon! I apologize for not having this done already, but it has to be done manually and I am not that good at following and typing. I will make sure it gets done ASAP. Thank you for your patience.)


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